Upgrade Your RV Experience With the RV Water Heater Bundle: Fogatti Instashower 8 Pro & Instacool II 13500 BTU

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Elevate Your RV Experience With the RV Water Heater Bundle: Fogatti Instashower 8 Pro & Instacool II 13500 BTU

RV Water Heater

Camping in an RV provides a unique opportunity to explore the great outdoors while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a home on wheels. To further enhance your RV water heater camping experience, it is essential to have the right accessories that cater to your comfort needs. The InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle is a perfect combination designed specifically to meet your RV camping requirements.

Key Features and Benefits of the InstaShower 8 Pro RV Water Heater

RV Water Heater Advantages: Efficient Water Heating On-the-Go

Having a reliable RV water heater is crucial for a comfortable camping experience. The InstaShower 8 Pro, a state-of-the-art tankless water heaters, offers a range of advantages, including:

1. Stable Water Temperature for Optimal Performance: The Fogatti InstaShower 8 Pro ensures a consistent water temperature with its additional mixing tank. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations during low flow, as this feature provides a reliable and comfortable shower experience while minimizing water wastage.

2. Unmatched Performance at High Altitudes: Designed for adventurers, the InstaShower 8 Pro operates efficiently at elevations of up to 9800 feet. With its staged combustion technology, it controls flame intensity to prevent water overheating and conserve propane gas supply, making it ideal for mountainous terrains.

3. Versatile Compatibility for Easy Replacement: The Fogatti InstaShower 8 Pro offers versatile compatibility, seamlessly replacing popular 6-gallon tank water heaters from brands like Suburban, Atwood, Girard, and Furrion. Retrofitting is simple, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a tankless water heaters for an RV system.

4. Endless Hot Water Supply: Experience the luxury of continuous hot water with the InstaShower 8 Pro. With a impressive power output of 55,000 BTUs, it can produce a maximum flow rate of 2.9 gallons per minute (GPM), ensuring you have over 20 minutes of continuous hot water supply.

5. Save Money and Hassle: The Fogatti InstaShower 8 Pro includes a pressure relief valve, saving you the cost and hassle of purchasing and installing it separately. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary components, such as a 15 x 15 door, a 17.64 x 17.64 decorative frame, and an intelligent remote controller for convenient operation from up to 2 meters away.

6. Safety and Reliability at Its Core: The InstaShower 8 Pro is built with safety features in mind. It includes a built-in filter screen that effectively removes large particles from the water supply. With CSA certification and features like forced exhaust fan, stable combustion, automatic gas shut-off, and anti-freeze protection, you can trust in its reliability and enjoy peace of mind during your camping adventures.

The InstaShower 8 Pro: The Perfect RV Water Heater

To determine if the InstaShower 8 Pro is suitable for your RV, consider the following factors:

1. Water Capacity: The InstaShower 8 Pro can provide a steady flow of hot water, but it is essential to ensure that the water capacity meets your needs. Consider the size of your RV and the number of people using hot water simultaneously to determine if the water heater's capacity is sufficient.

2. Installation Space: The InstaShower 8 Pro's compact design allows for easy installation in most RVs. However, it's important to check the available space in your RV's utility compartment or other designated areas to ensure a proper fit.

3. Power Requirements: The InstaShower 8 Pro utilizes electricity to heat the water, so it's crucial to verify if your RV's electrical system can support the power requirements of the water heater. Consult your RV's specifications or consult with a professional if you are uncertain.

Considering these factors, the InstaShower 8 Pro is suitable for RV owners who prioritize efficient hot water supply, compact design, and ease of installation. Its versatility in catering to various RV types ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient camping experience regardless of your vehicle's size or style.

Enhancing Comfort with the InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black RV Roof Air Conditioner

Escaping the scorching summer heat while on a camping trip is crucial for your comfort. The InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black, a high-performance rooftop AC units for RV, offers the following features and benefits:

1. Designed to Fit Perfectly: The Fogatti InstaCool II Series is specifically built to fit standard rooftop openings of 14" x 14", making installation a breeze. It replaces various RV air conditioner models, including Dometic, Coleman, ASA, Furrion, and more. The package includes all necessary components for an effortless installation process.

2. Efficient and Powerful Performance: Equipped with a professional-grade LG air compressor and high-efficiency R410A refrigerant, the InstaCool II Series delivers exceptional cooling performance. Its 13,500 BTU dual shaft motor quickly and effectively cools your RV, while the three-row radiator with Φ7 tubes generates a continuous airflow of 325 CFM, cooling a 36" trailer in under 10 minutes.

3. Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful and energy-saving cooling experience with the InstaCool II Series. The dual-axis motor minimizes vibrations, ensuring quiet operation with a noise level as low as 55dB. With the ADB non-ducted design, three-speed fan options, and four selectable modes, you can customize your cooling experience for optimal comfort, even during sleep.

4. Durability and Protection: The InstaCool II Series is built to withstand the challenges of RV life. Its sturdy ABS shell is flexible and resistant to deformation, while the anti-UV material protects against sun damage. The internal air duct is enveloped in EPP foam, providing insulation, heat retention, and protection against moisture and debris infiltration. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability in various RV environments.

5. Operational Requirements and Services: The InstaCool II Series operates at 115V with a current of 15.5A, making it compatible with most RV power supplies. Fogatti offers customers an 18-month warranty to provide peace of mind, covering any defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, the air conditioner is designed for easy installation and wiring, further enhancing convenience for RV owners.

The InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black: Your Ideal RV Air Conditioner

To determine if the InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU RV air conditioner is suitable for your RV, consider the following factors:

1. RV Size and Layout: The InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU is suitable for RVs of various sizes, but it's important to consider your specific RV's layout and dimensions. Ensure that the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is sufficient to cool down the entire space effectively.

2. Power Supply:
The InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU requires a 115V power supply with a current of 15.5A. Check your RV's electrical system to ensure it can handle the power requirements of the air conditioner without overloading the circuit.

3. Roof Opening Compatibility:
Verify that your RV has a standard rooftop opening of 14" x 14" to accommodate the installation of the InstaCool Ⅱ. If your RV has a different size or type of opening, you may need to consider alternative installation options or modifications.

4. Installation Considerations: Assess the ease of installation based on your DIY skills or the availability of professional assistance. The InstaCool Ⅱ comes with all necessary components for installation, but if you're not confident in your abilities, it may be wise to consult a professional.

5. RV Usage and Climate: Consider your typical RV usage and the climates you will be traveling in. If you frequently visit hotter regions or plan to use your RV in extreme temperatures, the higher cooling capacity of the InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU may be necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Overall, it is recommended to carefully evaluate your specific RV's requirements and consult the technical specifications and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to determine if the InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU RV air conditioner is the most suitable choice for your RV.

Comprehensive Bundle for RV Convenience

The InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle

Introducing the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle, the perfect combination to elevate your RV camping experience. This all-inclusive bundle offers seamless integration, usage tips, and several advantages that enhance convenience and comfort. Here are three key usage tips and advantages of this exceptional bundle:

1. Effortless Integration and Compatibility: The InstaShower 8 Pro and InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black are specifically designed to work together seamlessly. Installing and integrating both units is quick, simple, and hassle-free. Their compatibility ensures smooth operation and optimal performance, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of hot showers and a comfortable indoor climate effortlessly.

2. Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience: The InstaShower 8 Pro provides a stable water temperature output, ensuring a comfortable shower experience without temperature fluctuations. Combined with the InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black's powerful cooling capabilities, you can create a comfortable environment inside your RV in any weather conditions. Experience endless hot water supply and efficient cooling, ensuring you remain comfortable during your camping adventures.

3. Versatile Usage Tips and Advantages: The bundle includes integrated usage tips and advantages tailored to enhance your RV camping experience. Three key tips and advantages to note are:

- Efficient Water Heating and Cooling: The InstaShower 8 Pro efficiently blends hot and cold water, maintaining a stable temperature output while minimizing water wastage. The InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black utilizes professional-grade cooling technology to cool your RV efficiently and quickly.

- Energy-saving Features: Both units are designed with energy-saving features to optimize performance without compromising efficiency. This helps you conserve energy and extend your RV's battery life, allowing for longer periods off-grid.

- Easy Installation and Operation: The bundle includes all necessary components for easy installation. From the adjustable air distribution box to the intelligent remote controller, you can quickly set up and operate both units with ease. The provided instructions guide you through the process, making installation and operation user-friendly and straightforward.

Where to Purchase the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle 

To acquire the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle, consider the following options: 

1. One recommended option is to visit the Fogatti Living official store. They specialize in providing high-quality RV accessories, including the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle. Fogatti Living is an authorized retailer, ensuring you will receive genuine products and excellent customer service.

2. Online Reviews and Customer Feedback. Before making a purchase, it's always beneficial to read online reviews and customer feedback about the products and the bundle itself. This will help you gain insights into the experiences of other customers who have already used the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle.

3. Pricing and Availability. To find the best deal, check for pricing details, promotions, and availability of the InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle through various retailers. Compare prices and consider any special offers or discounts that may be available. Please note that pricing may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions.


To create memorable camping experiences, investing in the right RV accessories is essential. The InstaShower 8 Pro & InstaCool Ⅱ 13500 BTU Black Bundle offers the perfect combination of a reliable RV water heater and a high-performance rooftop air conditioner, enhancing your comfort and convenience while on the road. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your RV camping experience with this exceptional bundle.

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