InstaShower RV Tankless Water Heater - 15in x 15in Door - 55,000 BTU

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Gas Input

42,000 BTU

55,000 BTU

Water Flow

2.2 GPM

2.9 GPM

Exhaust Type

Forced type

Forced type

Remote Controller

The bright digital display provides you with plenty of information. It clearly displays information such as the temperature setting, any fault codes, and water temperature. It also has indicators for the propane flame, blower, shower, and power. This wired remote also features large buttons for adjusting the heat setting up or down. This remote allows you to adjust the heat anywhere from 95°F (35°C) to 123°F (50.5°C). A switch also allows you to toggle the temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Pressure Relief Valve

Protect your RV water heater from water pressure with corrosion-resistant metal pressure valves. It keeps your hot water heater, your water system, and you safe and secure while on your camping trip.

15*15 door

No need to pay for door, it also comes with a 15*15 door. The door has air inlet grilles as well a flat lock for easy access and safety. Meant to attach to the exterior of your RV, this door is sleek and attractive, keeping your RV looking and working great. If you have any need, please check our other sizes of door.

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Troubleshooting: Is your Fogatti receiving power?

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