6 Factors to Consider with RV Ownership

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If you're looking for a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective way to travel and experience all that America has to offer, RV ownership may be just what you need. Here are some factors to consider:
  1. Flexibility, comfort, and convenience: Today's RVs offer all the amenities of home, including fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, slide-out rooms, central air and heat, flat-screen TVs, surround-sound stereos, and more. With innovative new products like lightweight trailers, fuel-efficient motorhomes, and green technologies like solar panels, RV travel is easier and more comfortable than ever before.
  2. Affordability: According to a 2014 study, RV vacations can save a family of four between 27-62% on vacation costs, even when factoring in ownership costs and fuel. For a two-person traveling party, savings are between 11-48%. RV buyers may also be able to deduct the interest on their loan as second home mortgage interest. Even when fuel prices rise, over 80% of RV owners say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of travel.
  3. Diverse uses: RVs have a range of uses, from vacation travel and tailgating to business trips and outdoor sports. Families that frequently vacation by RV report an increased sense of togetherness and stronger family relationships.
  4. Lifestyle trends: RV owners report that their RVs make it easier to take frequent weekend getaways and mini-vacations that accommodate busy schedules. With RVs, you can enjoy the mountains, beaches, parks, popular tourist attractions, and small towns whenever you want. Sport utility RVs allow you to easily bring your ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, or other outdoor vehicles.
  5. Balanced and active lifestyle: RV travel enables you to experience nature and outdoor activities while enjoying quality family time. RVers report stronger bonds with loved ones and benefits to children. RVers also cited healthier eating on the road, sleeping in their own beds, and having their own bathroom facilities as advantages of RV travel.
  6. Campground growth: With over 18,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, RVers are free to roam America's roads for a weekend or months at a time. Privately owned RV parks and campgrounds are found near popular destinations, along major tourist routes, and even in metropolitan areas. The RV Industry Association is working to modernize publicly-owned campgrounds to accommodate today's RVs.
In conclusion, RV ownership offers many benefits, from cost savings to convenience and flexibility, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you're traveling for vacation, business, or outdoor sports, an RV can provide a comfortable and affordable way to explore all that America has to offer.

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