20th Anniversary - New RV Tankless Water Heater, 8pro (55000 BTU RV)

Fogatti Gift Guide for RVers 2023

Fogatti, a famous HVAC brand, on the 20th anniversary of its parent company, has launched its new RV Tankless Water Heater, 8pro (55000 BTU RV), with advanced features like high altitude suitabilitymode, "Instant hot water (2.9 gallons per minute), 'Energy Efficient' and technology exclusivelycatering to the safety requirements of consumers.

The new RV tankless water heater 8 Pro (55000 BTU RV), boasts the "high altitude suitability mode that enables the machine to operate smoothly even when driving the caravan to the high Denver plateau at 9800 feet. The staged combustion technology controls the flame intensity in summer prevents the water from getting too hot, and conserves the limited propane gas available for caravan travel.

The newly launched Fogatti RV tankless water heater is versatile and compatible. lt can effectively replace traditional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters, providing better results. With 55,000 BTUs of power, it can produce a maximum of 2.9 gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water.
Unlike some tank heaters that can only store up to 6-10 gallons of hot water and run out of hot water in 5-8 minutes, Fogatti's hot water supply lasts over 20 minutes.

Speaking about the launch of this popular water heater for RV, Mr. Michael (founder, Fogatti) said, "it is becoming increasingly popular as it is one of the most significant necessities for a comfortable RV trip. Tankless water heaters are better than tanked water heaters for continuous showering of multiple people. There is no need to waste 20-30 minutes waiting for hot water in the middle of the shower so that the users can enjoy hot water at all times. lt uses propane for heating, so there is no need to worry about running out of power in a caravan."

Fogatti cares for its customers and has included a pressure relief valve in the product, so they don't have to purchase and install it separately. Additionally, it comes with a 15 x 15 door, a 17.64 x 17.64 decorative frame, and an intelligent remote controller that can be used up to 2 meters away, The company has added a filter screen to filter out large particles of dust and sand in the water. The product is CSA certified and has multiple safety features, including a built-in forced exhaust fan on top, stable combustion, automatic gas shut-off for accidental flame failure, and anti-freeze protection.

Mr. Michael added, " We believe camping trips are the perfect way to escape from everyday life and experience nature with a fresh perspective. With our extensive manufacturing experience, capabilities and understanding of the HVAC product, we created Fogatti and aim to ensure campers can have a fantastic RV travel experience without worrying about supplies or equipment."


About Fogatti
Fogatti was born out of its parent company, and the brand was launched in 2020. The parent company has been a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in HVAC products for 20 years. Fogatti's pro-engineered appliances, from tankless water heaters and air conditioners to electric fireplaces, have brought peace of mind to thousands of customers across North America, Western Europe, and Australia

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